Be careful – Ericsson Hoax

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Recently, I received a forwarded email from my aunt with this attached.
The hoax

Suddenly I felt, WOW, a great ‘opportunity’ as I would call it. Just forward this to 20 people and I will be rewarded with a R320 notebook.  I straightforwardly put aside my assignment – was doing some IBM project on the manufacturing industry in Indonesia – and start typing the email address for forwarding.

Luckily, just when I am to click the ‘send’, my Aunt send another email and inform that its a hoax.  So then, ’email is cancelled’.

Look at it, doesnt it look very real, although its too good to be true. Well in our sense, if its a thing that you have been wanting, emotion will take over your rationale. And in this case, happens to me.

And you know what,

The discontinued T320

The Ericsson R320 laptop is not a laptop. Its a discontinued model of a monochrome mobile device. Haaaa…..

So, the moral story is, BE CAREFUL. Now phising, hoax has become more sophisticated. Its getting harder to differentiate it from the real.


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