MU to sign sponsorhip deal with Indonesia Tourism Board?

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Hey, have you heard that our Tourism Board in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth & Sports is planning a sponsorship with MU?

Yes, Manchester United and as their ‘main sponsor’. AIG, the current incumbent is impacted with the global slowdown. So now MU is on the hunt of sponsorhip.

Man u

With the sponsorship, the Tourism Board is confident that they will able to attract tourist from Malaysia, South Korea & China which are among the Asia Pacific/AP countries. The Government of Indonesia targets tourist from Asia due to impact of global slowdown. It is believed that MU fans in Malaysia, SOuth Korea & China respectively are 4.2 million, 28 million & 72 million people respectively.

MU Jersey

You know how fanatic MU fans are right!   So it can be that the sponsorship will attract many tourist and ROI will be fulfilled.

However would it be wise, considering the social impact. You know, the majority of our people may view this as ‘unwise expenses’. Our people do not have much visibility on the potentials – due to the education level – and the media certainly will bleak this out. In addition, now its election time, hohoho….I am sure somebody will stand out and say that this is a waste of money.

Come to think about it, even the so called UNICEF, the UN organization which its funding is for the livelihood of poor people spends its budget on sponsorship.

Barcelona FC

Well, cant think a good reason why they do such thing, in my point of view. They claimed that its to create awareness and motivate people to donate but hey….who doesnt know UNICEF !

Psst….from my primary research word of mouth says, from every donation given to UNESCO in Indonesia, 25% of the pie is given as a commission for the agent/social worker (if its arranged by them/social worker). Oh man, this is business or charity!

Thats about it.

BTW, tell me what you think

Click below to read the article on the buzz

Due to the nature of the buzz – local initiatives, only the Bahasa Indonesia article available.

Logo Visit Indonesia di Kaos MU

JAKARTA–MI: Logo Visit Indonesia sedang diupayakan terpasang di kaos tim sepak bola asal Inggris, Manchester United (MU).

“Kami sedang mengupayakan agar logo Visit Indonesia bisa terpasang di kaos resmi MU,” kata Direktur Jenderal Pemasaran, Departemen Kebudayaan dan Pariwisata, Sapta Nirwandar, di Jakarta, Rabu.

Ia mengatakan, untuk dapat memampangkan logo tersebut, pihak MU menawarkan biaya sebesar Rp496 miliar selama setahun.

Jika tercapai kesepakatan maka logo tersebut akan digunakan secara resmi di kaos MU dan terpampang pada setiap kali pertandingan termasuk pertandingan persahabatan mereka.

“Dan itu akan terpampang dalam semua merchandise MU termasuk kaos resmi mereka,” katanya.

Saat ini, logo resmi yang terpampang di kaos pemain MU adalah logo AIG yang kemungkinan tidak akan memperpanjang lagi kontraknya pada tahun depan lantaran bank tersebut terdampak krisis global.

“Jadi kalau Indonesia setuju logo Visit Indonesia akan dicantumkan mulai 2010,” katanya.

Di kaos MU saat ini hanya terdapat tiga logo, yakni logo AIG yang terbesar, di dada sebelah kanan logo Nike, dan di dada sebelah kiri logo tim MU.

Indonesia mendapatkan tawaran tersebut mengingat jumlah penggemar fanatik tim kebanggaan Sir Alex Fergusson di tanah air mencapai 28 juta orang atau lebih banyak daripada fans-nya di Malaysia yang hanya 4,2 juta orang. Jumlah penggemar di Indonesia menyamai jumlah fans MU di Korea yang juga 28 juta, tidak sebanyak penggemar mereka di China yang mencapai 72 juta orang.

MU dalam waktu dekat akan melakukan Asia Tour ke empat negara yaitu Indonesia, Malaysia, China, dan Korea.

“Tiga negara itu yaitu Malaysia, China, dan Korea juga merupakan pasar pariwisata utama kita. Oleh karena itu, kita juga akan memanfaatkan itu untuk promosi dengan menjadi title sponsor,” demikian Sapta Nirwandar. (Ant/OL-03)

Source: Media Indonesia, 5 May 2009 edition

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