The Friday

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Today is Friday, 14 May 09. Yeah, who doesnt know!

Pheew,  after a few consecutive week of heavy assignment, finally I can breathe. Suprisingly, I feel really blank. NOTHING to do. Just be at the office, do some consulting work – this time from MDEC (Malaysia) – and surfing the net freely to enchance my knowledge on the domain, Telco industry.




I would say that I am fine with what is now. If I force myself with more and more assignments, pheew…it will be dreadful for my body & soul. PS, I am always trying to get a work & life balance so we will have quality in life. 


In anyway, a new fellow arrive in our office undertaking the Account Manager/AM post. His name is Henry. Finally, we have our AM after a 2 month vacant. Well it takes time to get a good fellow.


Thumbs up for Henry who will develop the business in Indonesia.



PS, apologies that I can’t send real pictures due to stringent policy on confidentiality issue(s) at my workplace. But I can show you this….lol




BTW, tomorrow, I am setting up a reunion with my former highschool mates. Will do a post on it soon. Just in case some of you are the invited one, kindly take note that the event in Mall Artha Gading starts at 3.30PM till 7.30PM. Meet at the food court near the playground.


Stay tuned!


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