Movie Review: Terminator Salvation

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On last Saturday, when me parents went to Bandung, West java – yes, I am starving!, nobody cooks – I watch the much anticipated Terminator Salavation. The movie is the 4th sequel of the Terminator series.

Just for those who might need opinion on the movie, a summary valuation – based on my personal opinion – would be:

  • Story line/plot is 3 of 5
  • Backgrounds is 3 of 5
  • Thrill is 3 of 5
  • Overall score is 3 of 5

Well, not good grades isn’t it. Hehe, because nothing is set really special while expectation is high. So far only Spider Man 3 who meets my expectation of a much anticipated movie.

I will not go on the story as you can find it everywhere on the net (hint: check IMDB).

The sequel takes time at 2018, 9 years from now where the environment is being described as a dead world. Skynet rules everything and the world practically not developed – so don’t expect many flashy gadgets coming up.

The human side are using old weaponry while the android uses huge cyborg and ships but actually the android guns also an automated canon – gosh, thumbs down for the choreography.

The plot is felt common as very lacking from what people – in this case myself – is anticipating. The plot is only one, I guess, where Marcus Wright due to his erased memory, accidentally lured Mr. Connor to Skynet base a.k.a home of the robot.

One suggestion, I think in the near end part where Mr. Wright to donate his heart to Mr. Connor, can have more drama on it. Say, make it like a short flashback of Mr. Wright life.

Said to be honest, I actually expecting the a situation in a 3-4 years time or 2011 where Mr. Connor is struggling to unite the people and change the future instead where Syknet is vanished rather than an open ending like now. The movie time line is already matured as we have passed 2008 and nothing like Syknet happens, so guess would be best to end it.

BTW, the Governor, Mr. Schwarzenegger – using visual effect – did appear for short time in the movie. Mr. Schwarzenegger virtual image represent Skynet ultimate contender which, as usual, showed up in the later part of the movie.

Okay then, that’s about it. I guess you would guess *haha, whatever* that I would not recommend the movie yet still worthy to watch movie!

PS, Here another trailer for your viewing pleasure.


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