Things I like on Google Chrome

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In the past, I used to use Mozilla Firefox when it comes to browsing and I practically have tried all the browsers available – the major one of course which are Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari, Mozilla Firefox & Google Chrome.

Just FYI, so many internet browser is around but not many people use it. Below are some of the less popular players.

But now, I am using my faves, Google Chrome. Best so far in my point of view.

Many interesting features on Google Chrome. Say, you can (1) see the top 9 pages you open from the home screen. The browser is also (2) optimized for Google service such as Offline Gmail, Google Maps etc – faster to open. You have the option to (3) make your browsing experience invisible – say feel like going to xxx site, hehe. Some say its the fastest browser and yet everytime an internet browser launch a new version, its always faster than the competitors. Anyway I personally satisfied with the current speed, especially with the 2.xx version which is 30% faster than the 1.xx version. Not sure how it compares with other browsers yet I am not too concerned over it.

But the things that I really like are:

  1. You can search by simply write on the address bar. So, no more hassle moving to different field. Very convenient!
  2. If you want to close other tabs yet wanting to keep some tabs, you can use close tabs to the rightfunction. Literally said, it will close the tabs/ages on your right. A suggestion – sometimes we have tabs on the left as well while we want to keep some tabs on the right. To further reduce the hassle, would be great if ‘close tabs to the left’ function available.
  3. You can reopen a recently close tabs. You know, we sometimes spontaneously just close the tabs while we still have some errand on the page.
  4. When a tab crash, it will not affect other page/tabs. Other browser makes you start everything over. You can feel relieved is something happen. Very useful.

To my knowledge, except for point (3) – as IE8 benchmark it, no other browser has these prominent features.

Yeah, I would definitely recommend this browser to you. Indeed that the phenomenon of Mozilla Firefox is everywhere but when you give Google Chrome a try, I guarantee you will churn to Chrome.

Salute to Google.


4 thoughts on “Things I like on Google Chrome

    pochp said:
    Sunday, 14 June 2009 at 10:15 pm

    Very true.
    Chrome was like a lifesaver to me.
    I’m a diehard loyalist to Firefox but it keeps on distressing me by suddenly crashing again and again even with the latest version.

    […] Original post:  Things I like on Google Chrome « RP, on the Spot […]

    pochp said:
    Monday, 15 June 2009 at 8:01 am

    I should have said it keeps on hanging after about 4 hours.
    So Add-ons isn’t the problem.

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