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Take a look on this

Introducing,, a not so famous affiliate site as compared to or Google Affiliates yet this site earns you money easily.

Not much it is, only GBP 5 per month but consider these statements;

  • do you have so much traffic in your blog ?
  • I do not wish to pollute my site
  • blogging is only for hobby not business

If you do, then do affiliate your blog at BTW, here, with GBP 5, definitely we can get something say a good shirt etc.

Its pretty simple, you just have to sign up for an account – click here, submit your blog and give some time for the provider to review – they will say up to 2 days or more but it merely within few hour.

Afterwards, you will be given instruction to install 3 banner on one of your posting. Do it and you are done! – you are now eligible to receive GBP 5 per month and sign up bonus of GBP 10 (one time only). As fact, It gives you GBP 15 right!


  • Make sure your blog is clean. Don’t put porn or any offensive content. Consider to remove other ads while your site is reviewed; at least put less ad.
  • Your blog must be minimum 1 month of age and 10 postings at the least.

You should find no worries on the acceptance of your blog.

PS, the link provided contain my referral id – for my commission referring you. This will not put you in any harm. Consider it as your treat to me. However, should you wish not to, please feel free to use this link and


One thought on “Affiliate Site –

    iamronel said:
    Saturday, 15 May 2010 at 12:24 am

    nice ill try this out..thanks

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