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When a service is free, its definite that people would say ‘why not’

Few days back, i was browsing the web to further explore the hosting market. When it comes to internet, it means global or WWW, not limited to Indonesia.

To date, I have identified 3 free domain provider, which are:

On these site, you can get your very own domain. What’s more interesting is provides top level domain (TLD). Therefore you can register names such as instead of and etc.

Yet dont get carried away. As we all know, in this world, nothing is free. I recall my teacher saying back then,  ‘even going to toilet we have to pay’ . So whats the catch? – lets go one by one

The I believe, as the least popular one. I checked it and found ample selection of common words. This maybe due to Terms & Conditions of Service of article 1 of Service Agreement.

I excerpt, ‘UNICC shows advertisements and/or offers for other products in this site and all Member sites using web forwarding, web hosting and DNS services. UNICC has no ownership interest in these other products, services, or other advertised items. And as such makes no warranty, either express or implied, as to these other products, services, or other advertised items and the use thereof. You agree that the site will report information concerning advertising banners viewed and clicked on’

Well, with that in mind, this site is not going nowhere. Tell you the truth that I dont know how is the ad like. If its small enough or unoticeable enough, should be fine. However I bet when people see the T&C, they will be discouraged, like I am.

Second, the It is the same with except they made it clear that a small banner (see below) must be placed on the website.

Well. should be ok. I myself dont mind it. Of course that I already own few top level domain (TLD) such as, & so I am not so keen in using second level domain with conditions. Should you wonder then why this blog is using second level domain as main URL, the answer is that this is the thing which reflect me as an Indonesian blogger. I am proud of my nation!

Third is So you can get your top level domain (TLD) BUT the use is limited to their concept project which combine blog, social network and open id. Well, its a goog concept but it still uncomparable as compared to the nororious wordpress. Limitation on themes & widgets would be the main factor. If you want the particular domain for external use, you are given the option with US$20 compensation. Personally I would not mind if I can get because my name is Rizky Mujisanto Priyono – got what I mean? 🙂

Unfortunately someone skipped me and took the domain, I think a gal named Rizky also.

The last one, Hey this provider is great man, you can get free domain without a catch. Of course minor disadvantage applies where for common word names, you have to pay some fee, ranging from US$3 to US$15. But hey, if you want to create your personal URL, here is a good place. You can integrate your domain with Google Apps for free 50 email accounts, Gmail base on that address. Also, they make it easy for you by automatically do the settings and help you in verification.

In conclusion, you should have guess that I would reccommend if you wanted a free domain services. You can set a forwarding order and point the site to redirect to your non personalized domain, say will automatically open

So then its how you get a free service for personalized blog.



5 thoughts on “Free domain names

    Domi said:
    Monday, 24 August 2009 at 6:42 pm

    great read – thanks for the infos. I would suggest you also to look at

    They are providing 100% free domain names with NO ads and REAL DNS support. I think this new provider is the best around. I grabed my domain there a couple of weeks back and I am very happy with them.

    Check it out 😉

    Ask-2-Domi said:
    Monday, 7 September 2009 at 3:04 am

    Is domain at can integrated with Google Apps??

    aquariusrob said:
    Friday, 16 July 2010 at 1:25 pm

    You can also register your free domain at

    Other services includes: “Free domains, Free DNS, Free Hosting, Free Whois, Free or the Paid Advertising into the Marketplace, Affiliate Program, SEO, Premium Domains “

      Mike said:
      Friday, 20 August 2010 at 6:44 pm

      I just used and it works very well! I also downloaded the free ebook guide which helped a bit.

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