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Good afternoon readers,

Hope things are great on your side.

Yesterday I discuss about freebies on domain name. Here is something if you want (much) more and you are willing to pay small amount for it, web hosting services.

We shall review the ‘most prominent shared hosting providers’ – in my point of view – for Indonesia providers and for international providers.

For those who unfamiliar with network infrastructure, you should know that if a server located near you, it will be faster to load as the fibre optic distances is close. Therefore if your audience primarily in Indonesia, you should use Indonesia server. However if your audience is international, say Singapore, Malaysia, the Phillipines, Thailand, Europe, Middle East and etc, its better to use US base server. This is because our international gateway – which is in Batam Island that linked to Singapore  – have limited bandwidth.

Lets start from Indonesia first. To date, the most reliable and the cheapest shared hosting is They have great customers ranging from government bodies, universities and top MNCs.

Their normal pricing- for Indonesia base server – is already great and now in conjuction of their 5 years anniversary, they come with a spectacular promo.

To access it, click here and click again at ‘Paket Super Irit 5X Disk Space !!’

Where else can you get a 1.5Gb disk space on Indonesia server for IDR 216,000 per year plus a special rate for international domain names. Normal price is US$10 per year to US$ 2.5. Of course the catch is (1) you have to register with a new domain name and (2) as its a promo, you will have to do it before 31 July 2009.

I personally would not mind of it. Total cost would be IDR 241000 or US$24.5 only

Close to offerings is, the place where I host my blog. Their offerings – even on non promotional package – is very competitive compared to and the other shared hosting providers in Indonesia. Its just that they are new player – established in January 2009 – that yet to have solid reputation.

Moving on, for international shared hosting, I believe is the best. The provider price stands at US$4.95 per month for 1 year contract and US$ 3.95 per month for 24 or 36 months contract of unlimited space, free domain & search engine credits (for site promotion). core competencies lies on their 99% uptime guarantee, mirrored storage backups, fast update on search engine and search engine optimization. Below is an excerpt of its features.

Another site would be which offer similar package with blue host yet with better price at US$ 1.99 per month. The applications available is less as compared to yet still comprehensive. Just one notable difference on the anti-spam where uses Postini, a notable anti spam apllication. Note that also provides anti-spam thru spam assassin. Click here to view the cPanel demo to get more insight of it.

However here is the catch,

On the billing policy, yes offer multiple payment method such as bank transfer (US bank only), credit card and PayPal. But when you register for the package, you will only be given a choice of credit card payment only. This probably due to my IP address which located outside US, exactly Indonesia. This I believe apply to other emerging countries. But here is the thing;

I excerpt from its billing terms – which BTW very concealed placed!, Credit Card Chargebacks. A $25.00 chargeback fee will be assessed for each credit card chargeback received by WebHostingPad (source:

Okay…so if you register using non US credit card, our credit card issuer will likely charge 3% of the total amount to as this merchant is unlisted on the database. As a result, you will have additional US$25 on your bill.

Oh my, no, thank you very much!

In addition, there are other international shared hosting provider which would make as a great alternative such as, & Give them a peep before you choose.

In conclusion, I would recommend if your prime audience is in Indonesia and if your prime audience is outside the country.


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