Plaza Semanggi Gift Voucher

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Hey, I won a voucher from Plaza Semanggi. It’s not much but it’s free!

Here is how;

  1. Get the ‘Plangi catalogue’, published monthly. And in this case is the May 09 edition.
  2. Check on it and find the quiz/questionnaire part. So then, fill it. Remember to read the instruction carefully. Afterwards, you can send it via email to fasten the process.

Here is the form for Café Walk.

Cafe Walk

Actually, this one is not a quiz yet questionnaire reward. The first ten will get the voucher. Unfortunately, I didn’t get this one. Well, not my luck. I am late. I sent it just 3 day before the deadline, 10 June.

And here is the lucky draw.


I won it!

The gift was an IDR 10,000 voucher for Saboga and 30 minutes massage at Mitra Sehat. I actually hoped for a voucher worth IDR 50,000 as normally quiz is but hey anything free is delightful. *big smile*

So guys, try it! Who knows right?


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