Trip to Pulau Seribu

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Trip to Pulau Seribu

The trip was initiated by Indra during our first reunion on April. Maybe situation is not that great presently. With the good bargain price, at IDR 320,000 per person for complete coverage 2d 1n package, still only 13 people registered.

I won’t go much on that above.

Ok, Saturday, 27 July is the departure date. We are to gather pm 5.30am and meet at the North Jakarta Police Station.

Until 6 o’clock, only Beni, Khairul and I showed up. Waited a bit and then Ayu and Reza arrived.

Note that Beni is not attending however as abide by responsibility, he initiated to gather and walked us.

We wait some more time and call the other participants. Ironic it is, it’s only the 5 of us, the committee who will attend. Moreover, Khairul decide to decline as his close mates not attending.

So its only 4 now, hahaha.

We move on and leave from Muara Angke – as this is budget trip – to Pulau Pramuka.

beach (7)

After arrival, we put our bags at home and enjoy the welcoming coconut. It’s refreshing.

Psst, Indra was vomiting all the time at the ferry. He then becomes so popular and greeted everywhere on the island by the people that is onboard during the ferry trip.

After chilling out, we then headed to another house – which renovated to a restaurant -to have lunch. All our meals served there, from lunch, dinner, breakfast at the next day and lunch.

The menu is one, fish, a really big one. So much joy for this, lovely food.

After lunch, we then go for snorkeling. At first we are brought to a shallow beach for training. And then we went to the middle of sea. It’s not deep though, only 3 meters deep; so that we were able to see the beautiful undersea sceneries. We are there only about 30 minutes as the wave gets intensive. Anyway, we are tired.

Then we move to Pulau Semak Daun for a swim session and sand play. We make sandpit for Ayu. Its unusual for a gal, surrounded by 3 guy, being buried. Hehe, what to say, participant gradually decline and left the formation likewise.

beach (5)

Okay then its night. We head back to Pulau Pramuka and clean up. Afterwards its dinner time!

The fellows from Pulau Pramuka then invite us for a barbeque session at midnight but we all deeply tired and opted for rest.

Being lazy all the time and lack of exercise makes my body in pain, post impact of snorkeling, hehe.

And then if things like this happen, a situation where I can’t get a way out, I always call my mom and ask advice with her sending prayers too.

It worked, about 20 minutes after, I slept nicely till morning.

Morning was started with breakfast. Then we began to roam the island for site visit. First visit, the turtle development site. It’s all about turtle and turtle. Afterwards is the building next door, a fish observation site. Not so interesting place, only aquarium placed with few fish.

Its 9.30 am and the journey continued for another walk to reach the beach part of the island. Some regret that why we are not told so we can get our swimming trunks. BTW, yeah we have a tour guide for this journey.

See how pure the water and the sand are.

beach (2)

With the fellow in low fatigue – after roaming much, it is time for coconut. But this time we have to pay, hehe. Anyway its refreshing.

After so much enjoyment, we headed back to our rented house, clean up, pray and get ready for home.

– the end –


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