Mega v SBY v JK

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Yep, the Presidential Election is near, 2 days left.

Three open debates between the candidates already carried out. JK is proven successful on these debates, presenting innovative ideas and as described on its motto, ‘lebih cepat lebih baik or faster is better’.

It turns out that many of the ‘current government’ improvement & achivement solely because of him.

Apart from this, the gentleman ads are the best as compared to the competition, showing great & distinguished people vow on him.

With this, JK popularity soars. Unfortunately with low initial base, his numbers still below 20% of the total voters at present.

Actually I once put sympathy to Prabowo however since now his candidacy is at Vice President instead President, I rather not, considering his presidential partner. Word of mouth says the lady cabinet is full of corruption.

Anyway let’s not talk of it and with this I vow my vote right on him.

—— may the best candidate win ——


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