Emma Watson Underwear Photos

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Remember Harry Potter, I bet you all do.

Personally, I am not so much fan of Harry Potter. Watched the movie and I must say that it’s a good one but not my taste.

However, if we talk about Emma Watson, yeah I am so much into her.

She is sexy. Her eye browse, I believe as her main features, apart form her sexy body and British accent.

Few days back, at the world premiere of Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince in London, the very sexy lady, Emma Watson accidentally flashing herself. Hehe, strong wind is the cause.

Fortunately, unlike other actress, she is fond of underwear and this saves her from media embarrassment. Of course, this is still at many stories for reporters – well, they need some bucks.

When asked, Emma seems not bothered of it and actually didn’t realize. ‘At least I’m wearing underwear’, Emma Watson said, to counter the annoying questions of the paparazzi.

Here is some ‘Emma Watson Underwear Photos’ for your viewing pleassure – goodie 🙂

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