How to get traffic? – INSTANTLY

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Sometimes people blog just for fun, some are just for the ‘dear diary’ while some want to spread their vision. Some others may want to do a small business, blogging to create awareness. But, when it comes to traffic, I bet bloggers – with whatever purposes – want traffic!

Here is a very simple step to get traffic, proven!

Go to Google trends

You can see the top ten trends for USA and click on ‘More hot trends’. Here you will find the top 100 things that people are looking or in other words the ‘hot trends’.

Pick the topic title that you like and make postings with the title. I would recommend you to pick the top 20 circle for sustainable traffic – with only one posting!

Don’t forget include tags on it, to increase the search rankings over search engine(s).

And make sure you the content is correlated with the title you choose, if not you will marked as SPAM.

– That’s all, enjoy your traffic! –

BTW, if you want to find other countries trends, you can modify the URL to other such as (Singapore).

Unfortunately, to date, I only find Singapore. Country such as UK and Australia do not have their trends tracked


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