Indonesia Bombings

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You should have heard of the Ritz Carlton and JW Marriot bombing last week.

Some said it is a remark, similar to what happen in JW Marriot Pakistan, especially both hotel chains owned by Jewish. Other said it is related to the Presidential Election – as some is not happy with the result – while some others said it is the security companies doing, because security measures are not so strict as compared to year 2003 – where JW Marriot got bombed for the first time. In other words, they created turmoil so they can get to work again.

Anyway, I am only a civilian. Things like this is complicated. Sometimes, even the very unlikely scenario is the true fact.

BTW, do you know that there is an underground passage way between those two hotels, the JW Marriot and Ritz Carlton. Not sure why they made it though.

However the passageway is guarded with strict security measures and those 2 hotels are among the strictest hotels in the nation. So it can be concluded that there should be an insider doing this.

BTW, since last week, there has been daily bomb threat around. Focus on the last 3 days, we have Hotel Indonesia Kempinski (Wed), Sonatopaz tower (Thu) and Australian embassy (today).

So far all proven hoax. Maybe someone wanted to go home early, hehe.

I condemn such action. It’s really stupid. Whoever it is, even if they are the worst human being, they deserve fair trial in prior. Such action is said for religion but this not at all true. Suicide bombs is only applicable to conflicted countries. That is why, such action in Palestine or Afganistan is allowed, in the religion view – this with the consent of the leader.


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