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When we look up, sky is so high but it’s time to look back thus look down.

A year ago, in September, I was a jobless lad. Then in October, I received offer from IDC ( and I now worked till now – of course that, I only graduate in August 2008. Many had happened during this 1 plus year (and counting) and I earn great experience, great exposure and get to know high level contacts with my occupation.

During my study time, was really a fun time for me. What is there is just study and much of fun. Of course, during those times, my parent worked hard to finance my studies. As a result, I am proud & thankful to have the title of Bachelor of Business (Marketing).

My colleague (actually my boss) says that I am still young, 23 years old exactly and it’s best to get a scholarship and continue for Masters. With my work experience, in International Data Corporation (IDC), the second largest market research company globally, it should be less challenging to secure a full-scholarship in bonafide university.

However questions arise, (1) I kind of settled here, meaning I already have my own car, gym membership etc. And these ‘assets/facilities’ are paid thru installments. Hence I am bonded. And (2) is, do I need masters? – My former lecturer says that, I already have an Australian title. Unless I intend to be a Lecturer, then Masters is not necessity. That is right but then, when come to think about it, if I have Masters Degree, I will have a better quality of resume hence better career prospect. After all, I do enjoy study or to get knowledge to be exact.

After much thoughts, I decide, OK, let God lead me to my faith. After all, it is the best for me.

I must be thankful for what I attained now. AMIN.

BTW, I am thinking of purchasing a domain for this blog and get an email suffix of After all, my Twitter account is rizkymp, my Facebook profile page is rizkymp and rizkymp has become a standard e-identity for me. It’s $14.95 per year but I’m still thinking, whether it would be a wise step or not.

Wow, it’s now 10.00pm; time to get a nap for early morning gym.

The author would like the reader to not mind the flow of the postings. This is an instantaneous flow of the author mind.


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