Bank Mega Credit Card

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You know, Bank Mega has a promo of free iPod Shuffle for those who apply & accepted for Bank Mega credit card. The promo last till 30 Nov 2009.

The condition is that I have to sign for supplementary card. Why not, so I intend to give my mom the card.

I applied since early Oct, sometime on the first week. But till now, they haven’t confirmed my credit card. They did periodically keep calling me for verification and imply that they have to meet me & check my house. I don’t mind although it’s a bit exaggerated for just a not-so-great credit card. In addition, they get my contact from the shared database of UOB which means I am already verified by UOB hence it’s only smart for the bank to bypass the overstated method.

A day back they called me and said my card was verified. Ok then, it’s already December. I hope I can get the iPod shuffle. If not, it’s simple; I will not activate the card. Huahaha


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    Sunday, 27 December 2009 at 4:41 am

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