What I had in mind now

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  1. My new blog address. I should let you know that now you can access this blog at http://rizkymp.com. You can access my Facebook profile at http://facebook.com/rizkymp and Twitter at http://twitter.com/rizkymp. It’s now all comes in at rizkymp!
  2. The WSJ V Google. I was watching closely the interesting quarrel between the media king, Rupert Murdoch V Google. It was rather silly for such act being taken by the media king. It’s the time of transformation where online newspaper has passed its age. People relied on blogs more and I think it’s time for the media to converge. Why not make your online team to set up their professional blog under your flag and promote. And it will certainly create differentiation on your portfolio. Any pros or cons?
  3. Twitter. Twitter certainly kicks out. It’s a dedicated portal where you can just slip in your thoughts.
  4. Notebook battery. My notebook battery is poor and I guess it started to leak. This morning my notebook suddenly off while I am only using it for about 5 minutes. Hence, should I buy a new one or replace the battery (and upgrade the RAM too)?
  5. Make my body slim. I need to exercise more. I actually wanted to go to gym on Friday but so much work around. Hence, this week I only came twice for gym. Also, with IDR 225,000 per month, its kind of expensive to go only twice a week.

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