Blitz Card in Review

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Tue, 8 December, I bought a Blitz Card for my vacation purpose starting 23 Dec to 1 Jan, as part of office universal holiday.

Blitz Card enables you to purchase cinema ticket online. Not limited to that, you can also buy snacks and accessories at Blitz shop. The card uses low-frequency RFID or machine to machine (M2M) for physical transaction and for online purchase; it uses ‘user code & PIN’.

The Blitz Card function likes a prepaid card where user has to top-up the card to use. The constraint is that they only reveal cash & debit method to top-up the card; probably the want to have quick cash turnover. However, I get to know that at the Blitz accessory shop, you can use credit card for your purchase and it includes the Blitz Card.

Another funny thing, for physical V internet transaction, user must allocate a certain amount to these 2 purposes. This is a pointless thing. After all, its one card & user account.

Buying cinema ticket online is not a new thing overseas and in overseas, it’s more convenient. You don’t need the hassle to go to the physical store and buy the card. Instead, you are only required to register online, place order online and pay via debit/credit card or internet banking.

Well, local enterprises still have a lot to learn regarding eCommerce but kudos to Blitz, the first Cinema who offer online ticket purchase in Indonesia.


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