Movie Review: Surrogates

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‘Surrogates’ is a world where people daily lives are represented by surrogate droids, including wars and other affairs. These droids makes human perfect and flawless. One can represent him/herself with a beautiful droid figure they desire.

The plot starts when a military prototype weapon is develop to disable enemy surrogate at war. The weapon emits an electric beam which contains virus. The virus is so ferocious that it disables whole system of the machine and kills the user. A dispute between the surrogate droids inventor with the publicly held company he founded to manufacture these surrogate droids and involving the death of the inventor son is the key plot.

In my point of view,

  • I It’s not likely human will live in a such environment and the plot is so simple
  • I The visual effect is simple with the advancement of technologies nowadays. You will see no visual effect other than the surrogate droids.

Hence, the score is 2 of 5. Not recommended.


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