Luna Maya V Infotainment

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The Luna Maya case is an increasing talk everywhere.

In short, the story begins when a camera of an infotainment reporter hits the child that Luna Maya was carrying on her hand. Becoming ferocious, Luna then mocks the infotainment media via Twitter. With the increasing publication of Luna Maya ferocity, she apologizes via Twitter.

NB, a must know fact that Luna also receive a correspondence mock by some infotainment reporter via Twitter.

However certain people are not satisfied and want Luna Maya to apologize formally. Luna Maya refuses and the case is now an ongoing process.

So then, I think it’s wise to assume that this is infotainment media arrogance!

A bit of advises to the both sides

  • This is only about ego, so both sides should settle it with goodwill, without pride and in peace
  • No point to waste much money on court (i.e. lawyer and court process will absorb much money) due to arrogance
  • In addition, for the government to revise the Indonesia Law of E Commerce

One thought on “Luna Maya V Infotainment

    blacksnblue said:
    Saturday, 27 March 2010 at 3:12 pm

    celebrity give… celebrity take….

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