Kabul, 40yrs earlier

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Take a good look of the picture.

It is one of Kabul – the capital of Afghanistan – landmark, taken in 1969

And here is the latest photo on the same area, taken in 2009.

Following his father trail and succeeded him, George W. Bush is the warmonger of all time. The fellow promotes wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

One said it’s because of (1) religion while other said its due to (2) oil however there is another reason arise, which is the (3) Euro (€). In 2000, Saddam Hussain converted all Iraq – the third largest oil producer globally – reserves to Euro (€). The US fear that other Middle East countries will follow the Iraqi policy and as a result the US dollars (US$) value will fall (i.e. demand & supply law). Hence they need a showdown, which is establishing wars to make other countries fear them and put a sample of Iraq as a country that opted on Euro (€).

However, I believe that there should be more reason behind this.

Anyway, kudos to George W. Bush, the warmonger of all time.


One thought on “Kabul, 40yrs earlier

    Kevrel said:
    Tuesday, 13 December 2011 at 7:46 pm

    It’s always a relief when someone with oivbuos expertise answers. Thanks!

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