The MP3 player from Bank Mega

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I’ve received the MP3 player from Bank Mega on Mon, 4 Jan 2010. It is much faster than expected (i.e. end of Jan) however it is not the iPod Shuffle. The MP3 player is a replica of iPod Shuffle, which is a copyright infringement.

Interestingly, Bank Mega, as a registered known public company dares to place the replica picture on its public banner, despite naming it as MP3 player. This clearly an involvement to promote and purchase infringed goods. Well, maybe are taking note of the flaw in the Indonesia judiciary bodies. You know what I mean right!

I am actually deceived by the credit card agent who said that the gift is iPod Shuffle. Well, it’s ok; I am satisfied with the gift, despite not happy with the treatment.

Having so many credit cards seems fun and gives you a great proud at first, especially when you are entitled on a gold card. However, we must take note that we have to pay for what we swipe. We should be careful in our spending. Take myself for example, I overspend and now have to pay the 3.5% interest per month. What I do now is paying 2 of 4 credit card in full and leave the other 2 partially paid. I intend to maintain these ‘other 2’ credit card, published by BCA, as they have very good offer.

For my Bank Mega and UOB credit card, hmmn, I am now keeping it at home. Remember, it’s easy to swipe but you have to pay; and don’t forget about the annual fee that you must pay per credit card.


2 thoughts on “The MP3 player from Bank Mega

    ditsy said:
    Saturday, 10 April 2010 at 7:36 pm

    Dear writer,

    i have the same case with you, but the difference is that imitation ipod shuffle can not be detected by my computer which means i can not transfer musics on it 😦 very bad.. i even dont know what is the brand of that imitation ipod shuffle 😦

      Rizky said:
      Saturday, 10 April 2010 at 8:30 pm

      Hi there Ditsy,

      I suggest you try another PC and if problem still occurs, means it’s broken. You can file a complaint to the bank. It can be very hassle, but if you have the time & will, why not.

      As for me, it only last 3 months, with occasional usage only. Thumbs down!

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