Sat round up with old friend

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Ceno Hikmanto, an old friend from high school, just returned from his sea trip in Europe for 11 months. Ceno worked in a cruise ship, starting his career from the entry level position. It’s a good experience and good money though.

Now he has an offer whether to continue his voyage or find an opportunity in Indonesia with his current experience. Nevertheless he will be here at least until March 2010 as the cruise ship only start traveling at that period in a calendar year.

Anyway, we met on Saturday, 23 Jan, 4 days after he returned to Indonesia. We set 11.00am to meet at Mall of Indonesia in Kelapa Gading however he turns up only at close to 1.00pm. Sigh, I came right in time and waited for 2hrs.

Unexpectedly, Ceno brings along Ardi and his girl, Dwi. They are my old friend too.

Our plan at MoI is to trial the Blitz Megaplex, which is actually my regular place for movies, apart from DVDs. So, it’s a treat for us. Ceno pays for the movie, Sherlock Holmes and the snacks. This is the second time I’m watching it but it’s worth the watch, mind enticing I must say of the movie.

Afterwards, somehow we moved on to Mall Kelapa Gading on Ceno will.

Mall Kelapa Gading is the first mall at Kelapa Gading area and has become an iconic place to hangout, although I prefer Mall Artha Gading or Mall of Indonesia due to the same reason.

Hangout place means so packed with people. It’s not comfortable and considerably far from home compared to Mall Artha Gading. Yet, shopping wise, it is best to go to Mall Kelapa Gading due to number of tenants (i.e. offerings) around.

After roaming around, we set ourselves at Gokana Tepanyaki, a budget Japanese restaurant.

I myself only ordered light meal, beef tepanyaki. As while I’m waiting for them to arrive, I find myself having lunch at Solaria. The meal of the day is stewed seafood kwetiaw. Nice meal!

Just a wonder, why Japanese cuisine is very popular among urban people in Jakarta. I myself find it so. Lol.


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