Quick Review: The Pancake Parlour

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A quick review of The Pancake Parlour, Oakwood, Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta

Price: Ok, about the same with Burger King. Food ranging from IDR 20k to IDR 80k. Common lunch meal plus drink should cost around IDR 45k

Varieties: Dedicated to pancake & almost all about pancake, despite so, they offer menu such as fried noodles, Tom Yam & sandwich. Drinks are quite standard.

Specialties: “Pancakes” at different taste/theme at sweet, ice cream, cheesy & beefy

Taste: Good. The pancake bread is soft & mild roasted. The dressing are elegant. The portion could be a little more generous though.

Environment: It could use more air conditioning at the outer room of the restaurant. Quite noisy and music provided are standard CD player

Service quality: The waiters are polite, responsive, and knowledgeable of the restaurant varieties

In summary, I would recommend The Pancake Parlour for people who are looking for thematic dining experience and like to try new restaurant. However, it’s not a great place to dine, with the noise, and the portion is quite limited – not filling. Frequent dining is not recommended unless you are crazy about pancakes.

Other locations are Teraskota in BSD, Supermal Karawaci in Tanggerang & Paris van Java in Bandung


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