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16 March 2010.

As my flight hour of blogging grew, I have came with multiple blogs with different themes & purposes. But, it has come to my realization that I cant do it. Postings quality became poor, focus are unclear and I’m not happy with this blogging style.

From now on, I revamped. Blogging should make you happy, to utter your thoughts, making each postings valuable and having an artistic touch.

I wouldn’t revamp my previous postings. Let it be a history that, people changes and strive for better. In short, Revamping the Future.

Revamp Future is now a blog focuses on entertainment & community happenings.


This is the excerpt of my original first blog post

9 May 2009 – Hello eWorld


Hello everyone. No posting yet but will be doing & committed. This blog takes myself as the object and each post will reveal the story of my life.


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