Gramedia MoI Launch

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What it is all about;

  • Gramedia Mall of Indonesia is having their official launching on 1 April 2010
  • With that, they gave discount of 30% from 1 April till 4 April 2010, valid on all items except of electronics and photocopy paper
  • BCA credit card and Flazz debit card holder entitled of an extra 5% discount, after discounted from above

What is happening;

  • I came today, Sunday 4 Apr 10 at noon. The place is damn crowded. You cant move and so packed its like a wet market. Don’t mind to ask of the cashier queue
  • I did not manage to buy anything. It’s so damn packed and demotivates me – I actually dont have ‘to buy’ list on my notes. Just came there to roam around.

To my point of view;

  • Gramedia Mall of Indonesia is better than the Mall Kelapa Gading and the Mall Artha Gading in terms of facility, ambiance (except today) and products availability
  • Gramedia Matraman remains the most complete in terms of products availability
  • To compare, I’m disappointed with the Gramedia flagship store in Grand Indonesia. How can you say it’s a flagship, nothing is there. Also, the flagship targets foreign customers yet, for imported book it’s much better to search at Gramedia Matraman. Such an irony!

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