Promotion to Market Analyst

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On 29 May is the promotion day, like what the company promised. There are several people got promoted and it includes me, from Associate Market Analyst to Market Analyst.

One thing that raised my eye brows is my manager commendation for my promotion. Yes, what said is all true but I didn’t really realize it. All this time, I aim only to do the job well and help my colleagues sincerely – hope this can inspire you.

Below is the commendation note;

During that period, Rizky has been a great performer contributing particularly to our Telco market in Indonesia. Rizky’s deliverables for Fixed line, LAN and WLAN have always received high compliments from both clients and internal peers alike.

He has also taken on the challenging tasks in managing independently IDC ASEAN Tracker deliverables to clients. Rizky has a natural flair for business development, passing on numerous lead for sales which has turned into real dollars for Indonesia. His passion is to see IDC establishing a strong brand for Telco Research for Indonesia and to grow its success. In addition to this , he has taken the lead as the Program Manager for IDC’s ASEAN IP Wholesale Tracker.

I am thankful for this promotion and it motivates me for further contribution.


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