Quick Trip to Bandung

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Sat, 29 May at 5.50pm, I am heading to Bandung to visit a relatives and at 7.30pm, we are already entered the outer ring of city.

Wow, travelling to Bandung never this quick before. The Cipularang (Cikampek – Purwakarta – Padalarang) highway, which also connect Jakarta to Bandung has been around since April 2005 and I have been travelling to Bandung ever since however, yes, this is the first time I experience on hand a.k.a driving.

I am thinking, daily trip from home to office takes similar time. Yes, most of the time is 1hr but sometimes it takes to 1hr 40mt. What is happening here!

  • Why cant the roads in Jakarta be widened?
  • Why cant overall public transport be better?
  • Why the proudly Trans Jakarta BusWay deteriorated so much, in terms of politeness, cleanness and bus availability/waiting time

BTW, we return shortly after the visit, where we are already entered the highway at 10.40pm. Initially we wanted to see the Lembang highlands but we got confused with the route, home sweet home it is…


One thought on “Quick Trip to Bandung

    Bandung Hotels | matjabanind said:
    Friday, 9 March 2012 at 2:10 am

    Refreshing story

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