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The Sales Promotion Girl during SME Roadshow

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These are my favorite pictures of sales promotion girls during SME roadshow across 7 cities namely Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Pontianak, Denpasar and Jogjakarta.

Wouldn’t you agree with me?

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Bahasa Indonesia to Bahasa Malaysia

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Bahasa Indonesia : Kementerian Agama,
Bahasa Malaysia : Kementerian Tak Berdosa

Bahasa Indonesia : Angkatan Darat,
Bahasa Malaysia : Laskar Hentak-Hentak Bumi

Bahasa Indonesia : Angkatan Udara
Bahasa Malaysia : Laskar Angin-Angin (untung ga laskar pelangi =D)​

Bahasa Indonesia : Pasukaaan bubar jalan !!
Bahasa Malaysia : Pasukaaan cerai berai !!

Bahasa Indonesia : Merayap
Bahasa Malaysia : Bersetubuh dengan bumi

Bahasa Indonesia : Rumah sakit bersalin,
Bahasa Malaysia : Hospital korban lelaki (Lol…)

Bahasa Indonesia : Belok kiri, belok kanan
Bahasa Malaysia : Pusing kiri, pusing kanan

Bahasa Indonesia : Departemen Pertanian
Bahasa Malaysia : Departemen Cucuk Tanam

Bahasa Indonesia : Gratis bicara 30 menit
Bahasa Malaysia : Percuma berbual 30 minit

Bahasa Indonesia : Satpam/sekuriti
Bahasa Malaysia : Penunggu Maling

Bahasa Indonesia : Tank
Bahasa Malaysia : Kereta Kebal (dikira dari banten mungkin yah)​

Bahasa Indonesia : Rumah sakit jiwa
Bahasa Malaysia : Gubuk gila

Bahasa Indonesia : Dokter ahli jiwa
Bahasa Malaysia : Dokter gila (ada ya yang bersedia disebut dokter gila?)

Bahasa Indonesia : Hantu pocong
Bahasa Malaysia : Hantu Bungkus (pesan satu yah, dibungkus)

Bahasa Indonesia : Toilet
Bahasa Malaysia: Kamar Merenung

Bahasa Indonesia : Traktor
Bahasa Malaysia : Setrika Bumi

Bahasa Indonesia : Joystick
Bahasa Malaysia : Batang senang (hmmn…)

Bahasa Indonesia : Tidur siang
Bahasa Malaysia : Petang telentang

Hello eWorld

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16 March 2010.

As my flight hour of blogging grew, I have came with multiple blogs with different themes & purposes. But, it has come to my realization that I cant do it. Postings quality became poor, focus are unclear and I’m not happy with this blogging style.

From now on, I revamped. Blogging should make you happy, to utter your thoughts, making each postings valuable and having an artistic touch.

I wouldn’t revamp my previous postings. Let it be a history that, people changes and strive for better. In short, Revamping the Future.

Revamp Future is now a blog focuses on entertainment & community happenings.


This is the excerpt of my original first blog post

9 May 2009 – Hello eWorld


Hello everyone. No posting yet but will be doing & committed. This blog takes myself as the object and each post will reveal the story of my life.

Sumptuous Meal

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I am thankful that I am given this sumptuous meal, a plate of fried rice with omelets, made by my mom. So delicious!

It reminds me of college days, in a situation where delicious Indonesian food is limited. However being abroad and being exposed to many multi-cultural foods has enriched my taste. I really like the North Indian chicken briyani rice with yogurt, the Singaporean chicken rice and the ramen noodles.

That adds up to the Indonesian satay, gado-gado, Burger King Whopper, Pizza Hut Super Supreme and cream asparagus soup.

Rizky, time to time

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This is me in 2005, where I started my college in Swinburne University of Technology, Sarawak Campus to pursue the degree of Bachelor of Business (Marketing).

This is me in 2007, where I had took the campus transfer and continue my tertiary level study at SwinburneUniversity of technology, Hawthorn Campus. Thank you to Brahmanta Suwastoyo and Hari Menon whom helped me on my tuition fee.

This is me in 2009, where I have graduated from my study and received the title of Bachelor of Business (Marketing). I now worked at IDC Indonesia ( as a Telco analyst.

Over the years, I am getting fat, caused by less walk and less exercise. Residing at my office chair and see the PC all the time.

PS, I now a gentleman, see the tie. Hehe

I want to cycle again

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During my early days of university studies, I am using a bicycle to go to the university. It’s a short trip using bicycle, about 10mt less. It’s fun and healthy.

However, after a semester of university life passes by, I used a car for my daily activities. Simply I can travel better with car.

I miss my bicycle and I wanted to buy a bicycle again for daily exercise. I checked at Carrefour, similar bike cost me around IDR 2.2mil. I think I can get it less at Manggarai area (i.e. a district where a lots of bicycle shop in Jakarta).

But, come to think about it, I am now in the midst of car installment and routine expenses such as gym monthly subscription, internet subscription plus the PSTN connection, petrol and mobile subscription. Hence, it’s quite tight on me to buy a bicycle now.

Anyway, I’ll make this as my wish list then.

Was on my bookshelf

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I am browsing through old archived files on this spare time (i.e. my office universal holiday) and I found the list of books which was on my bookshelf. I still have some left though.

Below is the list;

  • 9. Farbige Wohnfibel, Wohnzirkel Detmold, Dortmund
  • Abbas, B 1953, Pesawat-Pesawat Pengangkat, H. Stam, Jakarta
  • Abbott, IH & Doenhoff, AEV 1959, Theory of Wing Section, Dover Publications, New York
  • Ahrens, LH & Taylor, SR 1961, Spectrochemical Analysis, Addison Wesley, Reading
  • Akeret, RU 1975, Photo Analysis, Pocket Books, New York
  • Akimov, P 1966, Marine Power Plant, Peace Publishers, Moscow
  • American Bureau of Shipping 1987, Rules for Certification of Cargo Containers, American Bureau of Shipping, Paramus
  • American Bureau of Shipping 1991, Rules for building and Classing Steel Vessels, American Bureau of Shipping, Paramus
  • American Water Works Association 1971, Water Quality and Treatment a Handbook of Public Water Supplies, McGraw-Hill, New York Read the rest of this entry »