Top Ten Questions Not To Ask In A Job Interview

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  • What’s your company’s policy on severance pay?
  • How long does it take your company’s bureaucracy to get around to firing somebody for poor performance?
  • Do you have a random drug testing policy?
  • Does your company’s life insurance cover suicide?
  • How in depth are your criminal background checks?
  • Does your company’s insurance consider genital herpes a pre-existing condition?
  • How many sick days do you allow each employee before you stop paying them for not being here? 3. Does your insurance cover sex-change operations?
  • Does your internet access have a firewall that blocks pornographic websites? 1. How frequently do your accountants audit petty cash?

Funny email from an old friend

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I was browsing old emails from an old friend and found this fowarded mail.

Its totally funny!


Congrats Eagle!

a (2)

The coolest one, mafia fish!

a (3)

Silly dog!

a (4)

Counting sheep, we are.

a (5)

The pigeon club

a (6)

And finally, the funniest ever!

a (7)

The High School Reunion

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As promised, this post will share about the high school reunion we set few days ago on Sat, 16 May 09 at Mall Artha Gading, Jakarta.

So, here the story goes.

The meet up is scheduled at 3.30 in the afternoon. But I know that the delay time for common Indonesian is 1 hr. So I set my alarm for 4.30 to be at the venue.

As I normally do, I tried to arrive earlier than the alarm, lol. Especially that this is the premiere event that I co-organized and co-founded.

Yet, time goes by pretty much on the street. Unexpectedly, there was a load of traffic for the U turn, despite that there are three lanes on the road. Well, you know, people used the whole three lanes which turn to fit only one lane at the turn. Pheew…what a traffic. Fortunately, I managed to arrive at the exact time.

Okay then, enough with the foreword foreplay, lol.

When I arrive and at the spot, I straightforwardly look for the others. I roam around the food court – as we supposed to meet there – and found no one. OMG !.

So, called few mates and they said they are on the way. In my thoughts,¬†are you really ‘on the way’ ?

For a while, it somehow crossed in my mind that this might be a failure event.

Then bright started to show herself. One by one, the fellows came; although majority came in groups. Started with Wulan, Cory, Tia, Pratiwi & Molly.

Somehow we found ourselves meet in Gramedia rather than the established spot, the food court. Lol, like the old days during secondary studies a.k.a. high school.

Not for long, Indra came and show his bit chubby body, same with me actually – chubby, lol…

Relieved I am as the fellows started to show themselves. This of course as a result of leveraging the contacts or word of mouth. Yippie…!

Then we decided to settle down at the food court. Time goes by, it is now 5.30PM and no sign of others. Well, at least some is here….

Luckily, more and more friends started to arrive. So the event was continued with ice breaking, shaking hands & a word of hello.

Not for long, we go for our prayers and afterwards back at the food court. The environment was full of joy and as a result became very noisy. So We decide to set up the discussion on next events while having dinner so that the fellows are having their mouthful.

Indra then suggest for a trip to Pulau Seribu while Dhita suggest for us to participate on a quiz. Both suggestion seems accepted by the fellows and we now move to planning phase for the Pulau Seribu trip which will fall in late June.

In addition, the event afterwards is planned in August. The idea of movie time is tagged at the headline. BTW, any suggestion for additional agenda?

After we finished our meal and discussion, the event moved to a free session. We then separate for different activities such as karaoke, watching movie or play futsal. I choose to watch movie, the Angels & Demons. It was a good movie as a whole. I would compliment the acting quality and the plot for this. Eight of ten is fit for the movie.

Well, enough of the story, here is a video captured during the reunion for your enlightenment

PS, sorry for a lil bit late posting; was busy with the office work.

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