The Sales Promotion Girl during SME Roadshow

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These are my favorite pictures of sales promotion girls during SME roadshow across 7 cities namely Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Pontianak, Denpasar and Jogjakarta.

Wouldn’t you agree with me?

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Imagine, If This is Real Conversation

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Man : Boy wats ur Dad’s name?
Boy : His name is LAUGHING.
Man : and ur Mother name ?
Boy : Her name is SMILING.
Man : u then must be kidding
Boy : no they are my brother’s I am just JOKING.

Lots of laugh!

Bahasa Indonesia to Bahasa Malaysia

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Bahasa Indonesia : Kementerian Agama,
Bahasa Malaysia : Kementerian Tak Berdosa

Bahasa Indonesia : Angkatan Darat,
Bahasa Malaysia : Laskar Hentak-Hentak Bumi

Bahasa Indonesia : Angkatan Udara
Bahasa Malaysia : Laskar Angin-Angin (untung ga laskar pelangi =D)​

Bahasa Indonesia : Pasukaaan bubar jalan !!
Bahasa Malaysia : Pasukaaan cerai berai !!

Bahasa Indonesia : Merayap
Bahasa Malaysia : Bersetubuh dengan bumi

Bahasa Indonesia : Rumah sakit bersalin,
Bahasa Malaysia : Hospital korban lelaki (Lol…)

Bahasa Indonesia : Belok kiri, belok kanan
Bahasa Malaysia : Pusing kiri, pusing kanan

Bahasa Indonesia : Departemen Pertanian
Bahasa Malaysia : Departemen Cucuk Tanam

Bahasa Indonesia : Gratis bicara 30 menit
Bahasa Malaysia : Percuma berbual 30 minit

Bahasa Indonesia : Satpam/sekuriti
Bahasa Malaysia : Penunggu Maling

Bahasa Indonesia : Tank
Bahasa Malaysia : Kereta Kebal (dikira dari banten mungkin yah)​

Bahasa Indonesia : Rumah sakit jiwa
Bahasa Malaysia : Gubuk gila

Bahasa Indonesia : Dokter ahli jiwa
Bahasa Malaysia : Dokter gila (ada ya yang bersedia disebut dokter gila?)

Bahasa Indonesia : Hantu pocong
Bahasa Malaysia : Hantu Bungkus (pesan satu yah, dibungkus)

Bahasa Indonesia : Toilet
Bahasa Malaysia: Kamar Merenung

Bahasa Indonesia : Traktor
Bahasa Malaysia : Setrika Bumi

Bahasa Indonesia : Joystick
Bahasa Malaysia : Batang senang (hmmn…)

Bahasa Indonesia : Tidur siang
Bahasa Malaysia : Petang telentang

Indonesian Supporter kicks in to the field & tried to score during Indonesia V Oman match

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As seen on the video, an Indonesian supporter named Hendri Mulyadi kicks in to the field and tried to score during Indonesia V Oman match on Wed, 6 Oct 2010.

Hendri is pissed off with the Indonesia team as the score is at 2-1 for Iran victory and marks the disqualification of Indonesia team on the Asia trophy, for the first time since 1996.

It is entertaining though, even Oman goalkeeper is delighted (i.e. see his expression on the video when trying to catch the ball) with the way Indonesia team shows their disappointment.

House for Sale

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I am planning to sell my house. It is located on a strategic location of North Jakarta.

Outside view faces the river flow, heading to East.

This is the yard.

Another view of the yard and the cozy terrace

For security reason, I can’t show the interior view. The asking price is IDR 1.6 billion. For visiting and/or further info, please contact Rizky at +628179957779. Voice only please. SMS will not be corresponded.