The Sales Promotion Girl during SME Roadshow

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These are my favorite pictures of sales promotion girls during SME roadshow across 7 cities namely Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Medan, Pontianak, Denpasar and Jogjakarta.

Wouldn’t you agree with me?

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Mega v SBY v JK

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Yep, the Presidential Election is near, 2 days left.

Three open debates between the candidates already carried out. JK is proven successful on these debates, presenting innovative ideas and as described on its motto, ‘lebih cepat lebih baik or faster is better’.

It turns out that many of the ‘current government’ improvement & achivement solely because of him.

Apart from this, the gentleman ads are the best as compared to the competition, showing great & distinguished people vow on him.

With this, JK popularity soars. Unfortunately with low initial base, his numbers still below 20% of the total voters at present.

Actually I once put sympathy to Prabowo however since now his candidacy is at Vice President instead President, I rather not, considering his presidential partner. Word of mouth says the lady cabinet is full of corruption.

Anyway let’s not talk of it and with this I vow my vote right on him.

—— may the best candidate win ——

Beggar as a Profession

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Last Friday, after arriving at the office, I went for breakfast at Mc. Donalds. Rather than taking the car again and get hassle on parking & 3 in 1, I choose to use the bus – only a km in distant, a straight route.

In the bus, there was a dumb beggar with a tin. He then forward the tin to the passengers and speak with his dumb voice. Imagine how irritating it is. Definitely the object/passengers will give some penny. As for me, well can say that I am not sympathize enough, hehe.

After asking money, that fellow then sits at the bus floor and sway his tin down and his handbag (he was carrying a simple bag). You must be thinking of how much a beggar can earn. It cant be more than regular office worker.

Said to be truth, that’s totally wrong!

When he turned the stuff down, yep its a IDR1000 notes, but….a wholesome. I estimate that it would be more than IDR50000. And this is at 8.30am – the beginning of a day.

Just a rough calculation, in a day I believe he can get IDR150000 and likely more. So in a month he can get about IDR 4 mil – with the assumption that a beggar tends to lazy and lay down when he earns enough, I adjust downward the amount. Of course this figure yet to be deducted with thugs fee and even gangster syndicate. Cruel life isn’t it

While minimum labor pay is IDR 1.1mil which by the way applies for some juniors working in Jakarta CBD.

No wonder so many beggar nowadays – I am not considering (real) street artist as beggar. I am fine with them as they entertain us. In every corner of the streets you can find one or more beggars.  For me, every time I crossed a bridge, at least 3 to 5 beggars is there. OMG.

These people uses their disabilities for money and so I totally loose my sympathy for that. In my belief, instead of giving them money, you have to give them a job – so it will be a sustainable income. Unfortunately, the beggar itself do not wish for it as they can get more by begging – simple, fast and fruitful.

Not to mention beggars who exploit their children with the child itself wanting it so that they can get some petty cash from revenue sharing with the parent.

Kind message to all who reads this post:

Don’t give these beggar money. It will worsen the situation and the mental. Give the job instead, if you are capable to. However, always return the judgement to you heart – who knows maybe some of them are really in need.

PS, I decided not to insert pictures as it maybe offending. But if you’d like to, click here child beggar and cripple beggar